Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm in Atlanta now...

Hi dear friends,

I arrived in Atlanta at about 1:00 p.m. It was a very nice flight. It was faster than I had thought it would be. There was a lot of turbulance when landing, but it was fun. I had a great window view and I was enjoying trying to identify the different island on the way to Atlanta. It was beautiful and fun. I was also trying to learn some Japanese words during the trip, but my anxiety didn't allow me to. I had many things in my mind. I was especially thinking of my husband and my little daughter, Emily. She wanted to come with me, and started crying when I left them at the airport. I was pretending to be fine, but my heart was broken into pieces.

I'm staying at a small but comfortable hotel near the airport. It was supposed to have a Wireless Internet connection but it seems not to be working today. After my arrival, it started to rain cats and dogs. It's been a real storm, but the rained stopped a little, stilll thunders are around but everything seems to be calmed now.

I'm counting the hours to meet Nelba and Jen tomorrow. It's going to be exciting to travel together. Nevertheless, I'm a little sad because Erika's flight was cancelled at the very last minute. I am so dissappointed, but I promised her to prepare a special welcome reception for her on Sunday.

That's all for now. Missing you all. Thanks for all your lovely email messages.


The last attempt of testing Posterous's posibilities

This is the last attempt of testing how Autopost to Everywhere works from e-mail through Posterous.
The last minutes of getting things together before leaving. It sounds exciting and amazing. Can't wait to see all the webheads together. It should be a superb meeting with popular educators around the world, to learn from them and with them. Have a hope to get an access to the Internet (no other way) in Japan.
So, getting to work.
In my bag already: a camera(borrowed from a friend ;-) ) , an MP3 player, a voice recorder, badges for webheads, an umbrella from flaming sun (the worst thing for me - I might melt in Fukuoka), no lap top (somebody will bring), and some private things... and, of course, passport, electronic tickets for the flight to and fro.

You know, I am traveling the longest way: From home to Moscow by train (tomorrow), then from Moscow to Helsinki by plane, of course, then to Osaka and from Osaka to Fukuoka (Evelyn offered by boat, but I agreed to swim across the bay.) ;-)
We'll definitely post our impressions, pictures, and coverage of the WorldCALL Conference.

God bless you and us.

{{{{BIG HUG}}}}

Posted by email from Webheads @ WorldCALL 2008's posterous

Enjoy your trip with your e-friends

Dear Evelyn and all dear awardees,
I am posting this from my email account, just to test it and to wish you again a happy and safe long trip to Atlanta and then to Tokyo first.  I am sure you will  talk a lot during the long flight. I can imagine how  affecting meeting should it be. I had an experience of such feeling already. It was in 1999 when it happened first to travel to the USA. I met my cyber friend - Bertha Wise there. It was unforgettable reunion.
I ma looking forward to seeing you all soon. It will happen on August, 4. We all are supposed to arrive on this day.

God bless you and safe you all.

{{{{BIG HUG}}}}


The journey starts...

Hi everyone!

My journey to Japan starts in just a few hours. I'm happy, I'm nervous, my feelings are mixed at this moment. This is the first time I'm going to be so far from home. And it is the first time I'll be far from my husband and little daughter for so many days. I have a lot of butterflies in my stomach! Believe me! However, I trust God and ask him to take care of me, my family and all my friends who will also attend the WorldCALL 2008.

My flight leaves at 8:00 a.m. I'm going to stop in Atlanta (USA) first and stay there for one night. And, tomorrow, my friends Erika, Nelba, Jennifer and I will meet at the airport to go to Tokyo on the same plane . I'm so excited! We are finally going to meet face to face. I'm sure we will have enough time to talk, talk and talk. Well, just imagine 4 Latin American ladies traveling together for about 15 hours!!! It's going to be fun, definitively!
God bless you all!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Waiting for the most exciting adventure of my life!


Only 24 hours left!!! Can you believe it? I'm ready to live one of the most interesting and exciting experiences of my life. I'm referring to my first trip to Japan. As you already know, I won a scholarship to attend the WorldCALL 2008 which will be held in Fukuoka - Japan from August 4 to 8, this year. How exciting it is! You can't imagine how happy I'm am.

I'm attending the conference with other 7 Webheads: Nina (Ukraine), Erika (Brazil), Nelba (Argentina), Neny (Indonesia), Hala (Sudan), Jennifer (Argentina), and Susan (Iran). We've been in touch since last March, when we got the great news. You may visit our Wiki and see how we have been preparing ourselves to this adventure.

In Tokyo, I'll be happy to meet my friend and former student Matsuro Manabe, who has been a great support to us. Then, in Fukuoka, we will be happy to meet f2f all Scholarship Awardees and our friends Tom Robb (Chair, WorldCALL 2008 Scholarship Committee), Claire Bradin Siskin and Vance Stevens (the main Webhead).

Through this blog I intend to share with you, day after day, my learning experiences, panel discussions, pictures, sounds, culture, and many interesting things about Japan. You can also follow us by Posterous or Twemes.

Thanks God for giving me this gift.

I'll miss you all.