Thursday, July 31, 2008

The last attempt of testing Posterous's posibilities

This is the last attempt of testing how Autopost to Everywhere works from e-mail through Posterous.
The last minutes of getting things together before leaving. It sounds exciting and amazing. Can't wait to see all the webheads together. It should be a superb meeting with popular educators around the world, to learn from them and with them. Have a hope to get an access to the Internet (no other way) in Japan.
So, getting to work.
In my bag already: a camera(borrowed from a friend ;-) ) , an MP3 player, a voice recorder, badges for webheads, an umbrella from flaming sun (the worst thing for me - I might melt in Fukuoka), no lap top (somebody will bring), and some private things... and, of course, passport, electronic tickets for the flight to and fro.

You know, I am traveling the longest way: From home to Moscow by train (tomorrow), then from Moscow to Helsinki by plane, of course, then to Osaka and from Osaka to Fukuoka (Evelyn offered by boat, but I agreed to swim across the bay.) ;-)
We'll definitely post our impressions, pictures, and coverage of the WorldCALL Conference.

God bless you and us.

{{{{BIG HUG}}}}

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Evelyn Izquierdo said...

Dear Nina,
I'm happy you are ready too. As a good Webhead you bring everything needed. So, we have all the electronic devices to show off, ha ha ha. Hope they all work :-(
Have a great long, exciting, and varied itinerary. Ahhh, you forgot to mention a balloon. It would be a nice experience too, considering that this is a 'world' conference, I understood that the idea is to know the 'world', no matter how, ha ha ha :-).
Enjoy every single stop and take many pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon and giving you a big hug.