Thursday, July 31, 2008

The journey starts...

Hi everyone!

My journey to Japan starts in just a few hours. I'm happy, I'm nervous, my feelings are mixed at this moment. This is the first time I'm going to be so far from home. And it is the first time I'll be far from my husband and little daughter for so many days. I have a lot of butterflies in my stomach! Believe me! However, I trust God and ask him to take care of me, my family and all my friends who will also attend the WorldCALL 2008.

My flight leaves at 8:00 a.m. I'm going to stop in Atlanta (USA) first and stay there for one night. And, tomorrow, my friends Erika, Nelba, Jennifer and I will meet at the airport to go to Tokyo on the same plane . I'm so excited! We are finally going to meet face to face. I'm sure we will have enough time to talk, talk and talk. Well, just imagine 4 Latin American ladies traveling together for about 15 hours!!! It's going to be fun, definitively!
God bless you all!


Hala said...

My head is swinging from all these accounts!
Hope to absorb them before the conference starts:-)

nagora said...

Dear Evelyn,
Nevertheless I am not in your plane, I am completely with you all - Nelba, Erika and Jennifer - in thoughts and in heart. I am too feel nervous and million butterflies in the tummy(love this expression very much, it's absolutely new for me;-)).
Have a nice and funny trip with hugs, kisses and talk a ton.


nagora said...

Dear Hala and all,

We talked with Evelyn and decided to run this blog while the conference and after it.
The one I started is only to test how Posterous associate with Blogger. So, I invite all of you to join this nice blog for webheads at WorldCALL 2008.

The best,