Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photostream about WorldCALL 2008 Conference in Fukuoka, Japan

The following is the Evelyn Izquierdo's photostream. Created at Flickr and have been still adding with more pictures taken during the WorldCALL 2008 Conference in Fukuoka, Japan on 1st through 9th August 2008. Enjoy watching video and pictures and leave your comments.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some more pictures from the WorldCALL 2008 Congress.

This is just again a test of posting a bunch of pictures to posterous which has to redirect them to our blog.

There are some more pictures from the WorldCALL 2008 Congress.
We had a great chance to attend the pre-conference workshops run by the leaders in CALL around the world. We enjoyed meeting each other f2f at the hotel a day before the Conference. It was an exciting experience!
We used to take a metro while attending workshops at Fukuoka University.

We had our lunch at the university canteen. It was strange that we had to choose the meals which were displayed and then pay for at the paying machine. Then we were served by the waiters.

Lots of vending machines were in good help for us to buy beverage and spring water to keep us out of thirsty feeling. It was dead hot outsides, but cool enough insides.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Going back home

Dear friends:
This is just to let you know my feelings today. The other Webheads will write about their feelings too, later. I'm happy because I'm going to see my family today, but I'm so sad too because Webheads have to separate again. Attending the WorldCALL 2008, sharing with my Webhead friends f2f and knowing Japan culture have been the best things that I have ever lived. There are no words to express my gratitude to the Lord. This has been the most wonderful award ever. Nina, Hala and Susan left yesterday and we already miss them. Today, Nina, Jennifer, Nelba, Erika and me go back home. A long long trip is waiting for us. Lord, thank you for every single detail lived here in Japan, please protect our lives and take us home in your careful hands.
I'll miss you all ladies, pretty pretty pretty much. Hugs, kisses and bows to everyone.

P.S. What you see in the picture is a promise Webheads in Japan made. How touching it was! Perhaps, we will share it with you later.

Nagasaki City Tour

Hi dear all:

Yesterday five Webheads visited Nagasaki, the city where the 'Fatman' atomic bomb was dropped in 1945. There is much to say about it. The pictures show every detail by themselves. After having such a wonderful cultural experience in World CALL 2008 we understand much better what world peace means. Webheads do not have borders. Webheads love one another no matter where they are or where they come from. Be sure we spred the word, Webheads showed the world how happy we are when sharing altogether. People from different countries, different religions, different thoughts, and there we were. Being a Webhead must be something more than working with a computer and the new technologies; as Hala mentioned in the closing ceremony: CALL must serve to reach the world peace. That´s my feeling too.
In Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum I could see how human beings can have such a bad spirit and how terrible is when they use their power to destroy others; however, sharing a whole week with the Webheads and the other Awardees made me proved that world peace is possible when we go in deep, when we respect each other, and we give all the love we have no matter the differences. Thank you Lord for such a great learning.


Kanku Lounge Osaka Airport

Just to share these moments with you! I will delete later!
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Webheads Farewell

To start reflecting about my WorldCALL 2008 experience with a farewell post, can tell a lot about how much knowledge we were exposed to since the conference has started: intellectualy, socially, culturally, digitally, wirelessly, civiliz*ingly* and webehad*ingly*! Without exception, attending WorldCALL08 was the most rewarding experience in our lives, no comparison could fit here, any!
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Airport. Another culutre shock in Japan!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fukuoka Bay Cruise

Fukuoka Bay

WorldCALL 2008 Scholarship Awardees

Vera Meneses (Guest speaker from Brazil) and Hala (Sudan)
The Scholarship Awardee Crew

Fukuoka Sunset

Workshops and presentations

Hi all!

During these days of the WorldCALL 2008 we have had the opportunity to attend many interesting sessions. Scholarship Awardees´presentation was last Tuesday. Here are some pictures:

South America

Nelba and Jennifer (Argentina)

Erika (Brazil)

Evelyn (Venezuela)

Hala (Sudan)

Asem (Egypt)

Ferit (Turkey)

Welcome reception

Dear friends:

How exciting and interesting this experience has been! We are learning and enjoying a lot. All scholarship awardees have been treated as kings and queens. Japanese people are so kind, sweet, helpful. They do all their best to make us feel at home. There are no words to express our gratitude.
The WorldCALL Committee organized a welcome reception to all attendees and look what happened. It was a wonderful cultural experience!

All scholars were invited to wear the traditional kimono and were called one by one in front of the reception attendees, country by country. In this picture you see from left to right: Evelyn (Venezuela), Erika (Brazil), Nelba (Argentina), Jennifer (Argentina), Hala (Sudan) and Susan (Iran).

The presenters: Miss Mexico and Miss Japan. Webhead Erika (Brazil), on the right

Jennifer and Nelba (Argentina)

Nina (Ukraine)

Neny (Indonesia)

Evelyn (Venezuela)

Rivathi (India)

Revathi and Tom Robb

Vance, our father, tasting the delicious Japanese food

Evelyn, Mike Levy and Hala