Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some more pictures from the WorldCALL 2008 Congress.

This is just again a test of posting a bunch of pictures to posterous which has to redirect them to our blog.

There are some more pictures from the WorldCALL 2008 Congress.
We had a great chance to attend the pre-conference workshops run by the leaders in CALL around the world. We enjoyed meeting each other f2f at the hotel a day before the Conference. It was an exciting experience!
We used to take a metro while attending workshops at Fukuoka University.

We had our lunch at the university canteen. It was strange that we had to choose the meals which were displayed and then pay for at the paying machine. Then we were served by the waiters.

Lots of vending machines were in good help for us to buy beverage and spring water to keep us out of thirsty feeling. It was dead hot outsides, but cool enough insides.

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