Saturday, August 2, 2008

We are in Tokyo, finally!!!

Hi dear all:

It's great to share this huge excitement we have. Nelba, Erika and I met at the airport yesterday morning and took the plane to Tokyo. How great moment we met face to face. Hugs, kisses, blesssings. Thanks God we are together. We miss Erika a lot. We are for waiting her. Our trip was long, tiring but exciting and fun. We had a great time together chatting, taking pictures, videos and crossing the whole planet. It took us 15 hours 15 minutes to get here, but it´s worth. Japan is amazing, gorgeous, exciting!!!!! Mr. manabe, a friend and former student of mine was waiting for us at the airport. Thanks God! We couldn't have ever been able to get his home by ourselves. We traveled 90 minutes by train, we changed trains twice and then we took a bus, and finally we walked for 7 or 10 minutes with our luggage. We were dead, breathless, ha ha ha , but happy!!! I've been taking many pictures and videos and you will soon see them.
We went to a Old Japan Festival last night. We are lucky, it is only once a year and we could go last evening. It was awesome!
We are in hurry now, We have our city tour today. We will meet Erika at a central Metro station. More pictures will be taken. I promise to share them as soon as possible.
Evelyn, Erika and Nelba.


rotistyle6 said...

Wow guys, Thats great enjoy tokyo for all of us mortals who such a treat may just be reached by looking at your fotos and imagining that we are. Have fun and remember to share every bit of it with us.

Hala said...

Starting the journey in three hours. My last access to the internet. I am not sure if I will have internet access at Doha airport.
Girls, enjoy to the last "drop"!
see you VERY soon:-)