Monday, August 4, 2008

Webheads meeting webheads

Dear webheads, colleagues, friends around the world,

We are all have arrived to Fukuoka for now, but Vance will come from Seul tomorrow evening. These days are full of joy, happiness to meet so many webheads f2f, hug them and kiss in reality. But these days are very sad for all us because we have lost a wonderful member of our big and friendly family - Lee Baber. She will be always with us in our hearts and in our thoughts.

Below one of the meeting at the hotel in Fukuoka: Nina, Hala, Susan and Neny.

More will come soon.

Hugs to all of you from us.
Hala, Susan and Neny, Nina plus all the rest who walked around and got tired are slleping tight.
Tomorrow workshops.

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