Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome reception

Dear friends:

How exciting and interesting this experience has been! We are learning and enjoying a lot. All scholarship awardees have been treated as kings and queens. Japanese people are so kind, sweet, helpful. They do all their best to make us feel at home. There are no words to express our gratitude.
The WorldCALL Committee organized a welcome reception to all attendees and look what happened. It was a wonderful cultural experience!

All scholars were invited to wear the traditional kimono and were called one by one in front of the reception attendees, country by country. In this picture you see from left to right: Evelyn (Venezuela), Erika (Brazil), Nelba (Argentina), Jennifer (Argentina), Hala (Sudan) and Susan (Iran).

The presenters: Miss Mexico and Miss Japan. Webhead Erika (Brazil), on the right

Jennifer and Nelba (Argentina)

Nina (Ukraine)

Neny (Indonesia)

Evelyn (Venezuela)

Rivathi (India)

Revathi and Tom Robb

Vance, our father, tasting the delicious Japanese food

Evelyn, Mike Levy and Hala


ecastillo said...

Dear Evelyn,
Well, your biggest dream finally came true!!! You were a GEISHA for one day!!!

Beautiful pictures, great ceremony, awesome experience!!

Have fun and learn a lot!!

Horacio Idárraga Gil said...

Dear Evelyn. What a pity I could not see the pictures. I hope you are going to show then when you come back home. Warm hugs, Horacio