Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nagasaki City Tour

Hi dear all:

Yesterday five Webheads visited Nagasaki, the city where the 'Fatman' atomic bomb was dropped in 1945. There is much to say about it. The pictures show every detail by themselves. After having such a wonderful cultural experience in World CALL 2008 we understand much better what world peace means. Webheads do not have borders. Webheads love one another no matter where they are or where they come from. Be sure we spred the word, Webheads showed the world how happy we are when sharing altogether. People from different countries, different religions, different thoughts, and there we were. Being a Webhead must be something more than working with a computer and the new technologies; as Hala mentioned in the closing ceremony: CALL must serve to reach the world peace. That´s my feeling too.
In Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum I could see how human beings can have such a bad spirit and how terrible is when they use their power to destroy others; however, sharing a whole week with the Webheads and the other Awardees made me proved that world peace is possible when we go in deep, when we respect each other, and we give all the love we have no matter the differences. Thank you Lord for such a great learning.


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