Saturday, August 9, 2008

Going back home

Dear friends:
This is just to let you know my feelings today. The other Webheads will write about their feelings too, later. I'm happy because I'm going to see my family today, but I'm so sad too because Webheads have to separate again. Attending the WorldCALL 2008, sharing with my Webhead friends f2f and knowing Japan culture have been the best things that I have ever lived. There are no words to express my gratitude to the Lord. This has been the most wonderful award ever. Nina, Hala and Susan left yesterday and we already miss them. Today, Nina, Jennifer, Nelba, Erika and me go back home. A long long trip is waiting for us. Lord, thank you for every single detail lived here in Japan, please protect our lives and take us home in your careful hands.
I'll miss you all ladies, pretty pretty pretty much. Hugs, kisses and bows to everyone.

P.S. What you see in the picture is a promise Webheads in Japan made. How touching it was! Perhaps, we will share it with you later.

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