Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Waiting for the most exciting adventure of my life!


Only 24 hours left!!! Can you believe it? I'm ready to live one of the most interesting and exciting experiences of my life. I'm referring to my first trip to Japan. As you already know, I won a scholarship to attend the WorldCALL 2008 which will be held in Fukuoka - Japan from August 4 to 8, this year. How exciting it is! You can't imagine how happy I'm am.

I'm attending the conference with other 7 Webheads: Nina (Ukraine), Erika (Brazil), Nelba (Argentina), Neny (Indonesia), Hala (Sudan), Jennifer (Argentina), and Susan (Iran). We've been in touch since last March, when we got the great news. You may visit our Wiki and see how we have been preparing ourselves to this adventure.

In Tokyo, I'll be happy to meet my friend and former student Matsuro Manabe, who has been a great support to us. Then, in Fukuoka, we will be happy to meet f2f all Scholarship Awardees and our friends Tom Robb (Chair, WorldCALL 2008 Scholarship Committee), Claire Bradin Siskin and Vance Stevens (the main Webhead).

Through this blog I intend to share with you, day after day, my learning experiences, panel discussions, pictures, sounds, culture, and many interesting things about Japan. You can also follow us by Posterous or Twemes.

Thanks God for giving me this gift.

I'll miss you all.




marydimonaco said...

Dear Evelyn,
First of all, congratulations on winning this scholarship!
No wonder you're excited. I'm sure this will be a most enriching experience.
Needless to say, I'll be looking forward to your posts.
All the best to you and the other webheads who'll be sharing this opportunity of a lifetime.
Mary (Rosario, Argentina)

nagora said...

Thank you, Eve, for the beautiful blog created at the last minute, nice and worm words. I can't wait seeing you all soon.

Have a nice and safe trip.
Lots of love,

Hala said...

Truely beautiful, Eve!!
See you very soon

doris3m said...

Congratulations... Evelyn... have an excellent trip .. I am very proud of you and your work... Is there anyway we can go with you... virtually of course... we are the cheerleaders... and we promise we'll cheer out loud for you... a hug my dear.. I will be following you...

Evelyn Izquierdo said...

Thank you Doris and Mary for your congrats and wishes. We will be glad to share all the details with you.

Evelyn Izquierdo said...

Dear Hala and Nina,
This blog is also yours. Feel free to create new posts or add comments. See you soon.

Berta said...

Dear Evelyn and all dear webheads going to the Worldcall 2008 in Japan,
How exciting. I feel you have all been so special in sharing the steps in this wonderful and unique process that I have felt bit part of it as well.
I am so proud of all of you and especially of our Venezuelan Evelyn. What a wonderful representation !!!
All the best to all of you (can´t wait to see the pictures!!!)
Love, Berta

Mailyn said...

hola prof! espero se encuentre super bien, observe las fotos y están super, me imagino que le fue super por allá en el congreso y que fue una gran experiencia haber estado y compartido con toda esa gente. Aunque no entendi lo que estaba escrito debajo de las fotos y los videos se puede ver que la paso muy chevere y que estuvo compartiendo y aprendiendo mucho, el kimono estaba muy lindo, el de usted y los que llevaban sus compañeras. Espero que haya recorrido mucho por allá... Bendiciones prof :) Besitos (",)")

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